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Student-Led HBH Open Houses

In May of 2015 the Havilah Beardsley House opened to the public full time as an interpretive house museum.  From the very beginning it has been viewed as a very different type of house museum--very few posts and ropes impede the way, and visitors are encouraged to sit on (most) of the antique furniture and immerse themselves in the experience of this 19th century home.  The stories of Havilah Beardsley's positive relationship with Chief Pierre Moran as well as his tireless efforts in building business enterprises reflect the values upon which Elkhart's entrepreneurial reputation is built.

It is in this spirit that Ruthmere began the Student-Led HBH Open House program targeted at Junior High and High School aged students.  This program turns the idea of student field trip tours upside down, with students learning what it takes to put on an open house style tour event.  Focused on student groups of typically 20-30 in size, Ruthmere staff  teach the students how to lead a successful open house tour event.  The program is theirs to run a date of their choosing.  The students market the open house, author and distribute the press release, pre-sell tickets, and prepare as tour guides.  They run the show!  Furthermore, if they decide to charge for their tours, they keep the profits!  How great of a student fundraiser is that? 

For more information about the program, call Curator Jennifer Johns at 574-264-0330 ext. 104. 



302 E. Beardsley Ave.

Elkhart, IN 46514

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