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The Mousleys

The Mousleys at Ruthmere


Lord Bertie and Lady Libbie Mousley are the friendly mouse couple who live beneath the garden shed at Ruthmere, a beautiful home owned by Albert and Elizabeth Beardsley in the town of Elkhart. They love everything about Ruthmere, from its stunning art collection to its grand dinner parties, and love to live as elegantly as the Beardsleys.

One day, Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley's dog, Fang, invites the Mousleys to a party. But when the hour arrives, Fang is nowhere to be found! The Mousleys must recruit help from their colorful cast of friends to seek out the missing pup.

This original children's book is exclusive to Ruthmere. Stay tuned for upcoming events all about our new friends - the Mousleys!

Available both in-store and online.

A Merry Mousley Christmas


Albert and Elizabeth Beardsley are leaving town for the holidays... which means Ruthmere is for the mice! Lord Bertie and Lady Libbie Mousley are the kind, generous mouse couple that live beneath Ruthmere's garden shed, and they're throwing a Christmas party for all of their friends and family.

Beatrice Mousley, their niece, is determined to find perfect gifts for her aunt and uncle, who always give and never ask for anything in return. She is convinced that the best gifts are always the most expensive... right? But what happens when a mere mouse tries to earn money in the larger-than-life world of humans?

This is the second book in Ruthmere's new Mousley book series. The Mousleys are perfect for introducing young readers to local history.

Available both in-store and online.

The Mousleys Coloring & Activity Book:

Springtime in Elkhart

Color the beauty of spring with the Mousleys!

To the Mousleys, spring is the most beautiful time of year. What does spring look like to you? Follow along with the Mousleys as they enjoy their favorite spring activities and bring their world a splash of color.

This new Mousley book features several different coloring & activity pages that are fun for all ages and blank sides for some of your own designs. So let your creativity fly! In the words of Lord Bertie Mousley, “All art is beautiful if you put your heart and soul into it!”

Available both in-store and online.

Introduction to Museums: A Children's Guide

Perfect for both parents and teachers, this short booklet serves as a child's first look into the world of museums. With the guidance of Bobby Mousley - another nephew of Lady Libbie and Lord Bertie (based on Ruthmere's founding director, Robert B. Beardsley) - the reader will learn all about why museums are important, the different kinds of museums, and what you can (or can't) do when you visit one.

This booklet is free and available upon request. If you are an educator and would like to learn more or download the booklet in its entirety, visit our School Tours and Teacher Resources page.


Andrea "Dree" Hutslar (née Barbour) has been working at Ruthmere since 2016, but has been writing since middle school and drawing since she first learned how to pick up a crayon. As Ruthmere's Outreach Curator, her primary roles are running the museum's social media accounts, maintaining and designing visitor records, and assisting with the museum's many creative endeavors, including exhibit and program development. 

Dree received her B.A. from Indiana University Bloomington in 2016, double-majoring in English and History. Later, she went on to receive an M.A. in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University in 2020. 

Education and art are two of Dree's greatest passions. With these books, her goal is to help children find their own love for learning about history. 



302 E. Beardsley Ave.

Elkhart, IN 46514

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